VR Diversity & Inclusion Training in the USA

October 26, 2018

At Equal Reality we have a mission to ‘instill inclusive culture through responsible progression of exponential technology.

We have a vision where immersive technology helps the human race progress compassion, knowledge, and understanding.

To take action on making this vision a reality, we create diversity and inclusion training in virtual reality. We are pioneering and delivering VR diversity training all over the world. In the last 2 years, we have gone from strength to strength to grow into the world leaders we are today, and will continue to strive to have greater impact.

Current political and social issues around the world, particularly in the United States, make Equal Reality particularly timely.

The quick version of this post

  • We have had a lot of recent client success, funding and implementations.
  • Our team has grown with some impressive individuals.
  • We are making some big waves
  • You can help us! – Looking for a key partner, and talent.

For all the exciting details, here is what has happened so far & how you can (continue to) be part of it.


Locked in our first US partner!

More details to come!

Big 4 Bank

We have taken on one of Australia’s ‘big 4 banks’ as a client. Building a ‘fire drill for difficult social interactions’ – implementation soon!

Australian Defence Force

Expanded partnership with Australian Defence Force as a client – directly with the Chief of the Royal Australian Navy.

780 employees trained

Rolled out VR diversity training to 780 employees nationwide in Australia with Domain and mwah. (Results data is incredible!! You will see it soon)

vr diversity MWAH making work absolutely human domain equal reality diversity and inclusion training positions of power exclusive culture

Notable Successful implementation

Built and successfully rolled out VR diversity experiences for Port Macquarie Hastings Council, for employee engagement training. (World first, really exciting! More details to come).

vr diversity pmch port macquarie council hastings virtual reality training city council diversity and inclusion twitter

Lots of engagements!!

Ran workshops and built training for half a dozen key clients, including, banks, law firms, city councils, online real-estate, recruiting agencies & Diversity and Inclusion experts and more.  Many of these relationships are already moving into new and bigger phases!

vr diversity KWM King Wood mallesons melbourne virtual reality diversity and inclusion training workshop   vr diversity KWM King Wood mallesons melbourne virtual reality diversity and inclusion training workshop vr diversity icare remarkable disability disabled virtual reality user different ability diversity and inclusion accessibility remarkable inclusive technology  vr diversity KWM King Wood mallesons melbourne virtual reality diversity and inclusion training workshop  

Funding and support

  • Received funding and support from Optus as part of the Future Makers program.
  • Supported by YC through Startup School
  • Supported by AusTrade in San Francisco
  • Received funding and support from Halcyon to expand to the USA (Washington DC)

vr diversity Halcyon House Tour Equal Reality Diversity and Inclusion Training Belonging Social Impact social enterprise vr ar mr ai startups


Expanded to Thailand and won UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Competition.
Expanded to USA in SF, Oklahoma and DC.

Governor of NSW and ex-Chief of Defence

Presented to H.E.General David Hurley (Governor of NSW and ex-Chief of Defence)

in the last year



Contact us to be our next success story.

Shout-out to some of our team of world-leading change makers! If you haven’t already met them,

  • Chris Moran one of our founding team, has been building, testing, and implementing world-leading Virtual Reality solutions with our largest clients.
  • Allison Reid also one of our founding team, who has been creating and implementing world-leading VR solution with our clients, and designing system preparing us for scale! (Keep an eye out for Chris and Allison in our photos on social media).
  • Paul Sztajer is a creative technologist who joined our technical team last month. He will be full time in Nov to help us scale our technology.

All of which have such incredible careers, deserve their own blog post. Which will come soon!

vr diversity Chris Moran Equal Reality VR Solutions Architect Virtual Reality Diversity and Inclusion Belonging vr diversity Allison Ried Equal Reality VR Solutions Architect Virtual Reality Diversity and Inclusion Belonging  vr diversity Paul Sztajer Creative Technologist Virtual Reality Diversity and Inclusion Equal Reality

We published a diversity report, which you can see the results of and use yourself.

  • Released our Creators suite – Opening up access for design to be done by D&I experts who are not technical. Currently being used to create all our client-facing VR training. Part of our drive to decentralize content creation.
  • Choose your own adventure – new software that allows the participant in the training to control the outcome.
  • New character system – 0.3



Reach out now to use our latest tech.


Contact us to get our next story.

A go-to-market partner for the USA with the following qualities

  • A leader in Diversity and Inclusion, or an ambition to be a leader in this space.
  • Innovator/forward-thinking/visionary, and interested in cutting-edge technology to solve real business problems.
  • Collaborative and creative.
  • Looking to do Diversity and Inclusion training differently, and build the future of work (and learning).
  • Is ready to take action on addressing social issues faced in the US right now.

We have lots of interest in this right now, and are already making selective key partnerships. We want to partner close with the absolute best, so connect now if you think you are the perfect partner before our capacity fills up.

To help us take on all the interest we are getting, and to continue to expand upon our current partnerships we want to get to know people for the following:


Client-Facing Creative in Washington DC
Working closely with clients to identify, solve D&I challenges using Equal Reality’s Creators Suite software

  • Help shape the emerging industry of VR learning.
  • Passionate about Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Passionate about VR/AR, and understands the technology.
  • Curious, collaborative, and creative.
  • An ability to solve complex problems, and communicate new ideas.
  • A quick learner who has initiative.


Character Life Giver / Virtual Human Programmer in Sydney, Brisbane, DC, SF, Chiang Mai or Mobile.

  • West World, but VR.
  • Design & Programming Heavy.
  • Unity Expert.


Administration / Executive Assistant in Washington DC

  • Someone who is organised, and loves to plan.
  • Strong communication ability, and initiative.
  • Will help with planning, emails, phone calls, calendar appointments, applications, and other administrative tasks.
  • Flexible role.


DC based internships open for:

  • Writing, blogging, SEO
  • Unity Development / VR Development
  • EA / Admin

We are an early stage startup, our needs change as we grow, and we are growing fast. We want flexible and mission-driven candidates who want to make a more inclusive world.

If any of these are you, (in particular if we are already connected) LET US KNOW!!

If you can’t wait for these updates to know what is happening. Subscribe to our mailing list & blog, follow us on facebook, twitter or directly with our team on LinkedIn Rick, Brennan, Chris, Allison, Annie.

See you out here in the future,

Brennan Hatton & The Equal Reality Team.

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