Simon Lowe

October 19, 2018

Simon Lowe, Director at The Ageing Revolution, is a beacon of charisma. Coming from the UK where he worked in sales, he has chosen to reapply his considerable skills in partnerships and relationship building to the ethical entrepreneur space.

“The ageing of the population will be one of the biggest disruptions of the 21st Century. People aged 65+ are THE FASTEST growing demographic in Australia with 3.57 million people aged 65; 6 million by 2056 and they spend over $40,000 per household on services- that’s more than $60 billion dollars a year!

The Ageing Revolution is a profit-for-purpose company that works with a ground up strengths based approach. They aim to create trans-formative change, develop better services and products and engage ageing as a beneficial part of the community. They have already undertaken work for National Seniors and the Queensland Government as well as developing technology solutions that are centred around the needs of the individual.

The Ageing Revolution are outstanding at working through the power of partnerships. The GE 2014 Global Innovation Barometer reports that 87% of executives believe their firm would innovate better by partnering than on their own.

Simon is committed to changing the paradigm, view and experience of ageing in Australia. He is one of the leading authorities in building thriving partnerships between companies, government, community organisations and the public. He has extensive knowledge in designing loyalty/rewards programs and am looking to use all these skills to change the way we view and service an ageing population.

Simon would love to hear from anyone looking to develop products or services in this space, especially if you are fed up with the “business as usual “approach to ageing and want to be a part of something new and disruptive.

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