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Rhonda Brighton-Hall


Former HR Leader of the Year and Telstra Businesswoman of the Year, Rhonda Brighton-Hall is CEO and Co-Founder of mwah.  Making Work Absolutely Human, world leading HR, Diversity, Inclusion Experts and one of our closest partners here at Equal Reality.


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Rhonda is also a director of AHRI, chair of FlexCareers, A Rare Bird Ambassador, Director of Feel the Magic, and a passionate and lifelong advocate for diversity, inclusion and humanity.

Before meeting Rhonda our team connected with over 5000 diversity and inclusion experts all over the world, we vetted our extensive network and spent 3 weeks of multiple daily in-person meetings with Sydney’s diversity and inclusion leaders. Rhonda was in a class of her own.

Before mwah., Rhonda’s career spanned senior executive roles in corporate giants BHP, Sara Lee, Luxottica and CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia), as she lived and worked in Europe, Asia, the USA, and her home, Australia.  That journey, left her recognized as one of Australia’s foremost experts in the human side of business. Specialising in leadership, inclusion, and the future design of work, she is applauded for both her strategic insight and the simplicity she brings to getting the people side of business right.  Her fundamental belief is that inclusion and good leadership are not only foundational for good business, but equally for more equitable and prosperous economies and communities across the globe.

With an undergraduate degree from UNSW and post-grad from UTS and London Business School, Rhonda guest lectures around the world, and is the on-call coach for many NFP’s who work with disability, the Indigenous community, and other groups often structurally excluded from work.

As CEO and Co-Founder of mwah.live, Rhonda has built a unique organization — part practical toolkit, part think tank, and part community — all designed as the most accessible ‘how to’ knowledge base on the planet for making work absolutely human.


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Together mwah and Equal Reality have created world leading virtual reality training for diversity and inclusion on topics including. Recently implementing virtual reality training on exclusion and positions of power nationwide in Australia for all 780 of Domains staff.

To learn more about our partnership, and history together I encourage you to read Rhondas blog post – The Reality of Inclusion.


Ronda Brighton-Hall speaking The Hudson Talent Management team conference with mwah and Equal Reality. Diversity and Inclusion Culture Training Virtual Reality

Ronda Brighton-Hall speaking at The Hudson Talent Management team conference with mwah and Equal Reality

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