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Paul Sztajer is our *Insert Title here* at Equal Reality. Responsible for designing and developing our software systems and interfaces.

Paul is a game developer with a background in Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering, as well as experience writing, directing, producing and performing in sketch comedy. He cares about games as a medium and how we can use them to tell the best stories possible.

Paul likes to live between the worlds of Education, Game Development and Interactive Art. His past projects include video games that teach people about particle physics, numeracy apps using augmented reality and physical cards, data art visualising large scientific data sets and an interactive theatre piece where you steal art from a gallery. He ran award-winning independent games studio SeeThrough Studios for 4 years before working at 3P Learning, helping them create innovative new techniques for teaching maths and science in schools. In the last 2 years, Paul has embraced a nomadic lifestyle, travelling the world while working with exciting and impactful companies.

Paul joined our team in 2018, and has since has helped shape our technology to what is today. Bringing professionally software design best practices from his experience at 3P Learning, to his flexibility and eye for innovation as an award winning indie game developer, and studio founder.

Paul’s work in particular has lead to

  • Professional Development Operations.
  • Increase efficient of designing & building content.
  • Improved data collection and management.
  • Producing more accessibility experiences.

Tag: Creative Technologist, Interaction Specialist, Software Engineer, Gamification Expert, Data Artist, Digital Nomad.

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