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Hi Maria,
Thank you for taking the time to speak with me just now in the Halcyon Studio.
A bit of background on what I am doing and why
I would very much like to feature you and your team on our community page for enabling and supporting our team at Equal Reality with your work in keeping our office clean and supplied.
At Equal Reality we use Virtual Reality technology to increase empathy, and help reduce bias. We put people in the perspective of minorities to experience discrimination for corporate training.
Equal Reality is a Halcyon supported venture, and since September 4th 2018, we have used the Halcyon House as our office and living space. The Equal Reality team has benefited from the work of you and your team in keeping this space clean and professional.
I want everyone who has made a meaningful impact to our mission and success to have the recognition of the impact they (you) are helping to make. Thank you!
I would like to feature yourself and any / all of your team who would appreciate the recognition of their work, and I ask you pass this onto your team who are welcome to contact me personally.

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