Equal Reality People – Acknowledgement & Inclusion

November 9, 2018

Today we launch a new blog, and initiative People of Equal Reality to acknowledge and include the people who have supported and enabled us to make such great leaps towards our social impact vision where immersive technology helps the human race progress compassion, knowledge, and understanding.

A startup takes a village. Our support network is huge and those in it contribute indescribable value. From consistent and encompassing support to small but powerful actions.

  • Taking the time to understand and support us
  • A connection / recommendation
  • A leap of faith

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This initiative is much more than feel-good recognition for those that deserve the credit. This is our community, and by highlighting those in out community it allows us to intentionally shape it.

This enables us to consciously take steps towards improving our diversity and inclusion, by being aware of our community.

By making a platform to display the faces of those we appreciate, we provide examples and role models of people who embody our values and show our true colors.

If you are or know of someone who has contributed to our journey, please make a submission for the blog here.

Equal Reality People

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