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Chris Moran Equal Reality VR Solutions Architect Virtual Reality Diversity and Inclusion Belonging


Chris Moran is our VR Solutions Architect, and Equal Reality Founding Team.

With a military background in Mine Warfare operations and training with the Royal Australian Army and Navy, Chris has been on the front-line of training cultural change for the past 7 years. His work has taken him from training sailors to find underwater explosives and leading divers in Africa and Latin America. Chris is passionate about leveraging VR technology to save lives and revolutionise training for corporate and military learning.

Chris first met our team shortly while he was in the Royal Australian Navy, while at the same time he was running his own startup, The Tie Collective. Chris came across our team at Vibewire’s Pitch The Future event in early 2017.
After trying our around Gender Bias VR experience, Chris recognised that he had learnt more in a short simulation about the impact of behaviour, than he had in 10 years of classroom sessions around Diversity and Inclusion. He saw a great need for teaching other perspectives at the Navy. Chris expressed that over the 10 years within the military, many of his female colleagues; his close friends and peers; dropped out or left due to being excluded, mistreated or harassed. Chris wanted to see that changed.

Chris was an educator in the military and recognised that VR could be more effective than traditional methods, and that it was crucially important as it could not only could it result in more inclusive culture and a better working environment, better training could ultimately save lives.


Rick Martin, Chris Moran, Allison Reid representing our partners Remarkable Inclusive Technology at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance for iCare

Chris took great initiative and connected the team to the New Generation Navy who were tasked with initiating culture change, and it resulted in Equal Reality’s first pilot to the Australian Navy in mid 2017.

Chris left the military after being there a decade and immediately deepdived into Virtual Reality development with one of our partners Academy Xi in Sydney. Learning how to design and develop VR experiences and use the technology.

When we started building our team, he was an obvious addition. Chris is self-motivated, engineer-minded individual, with an impressive aptitude for learning and taking on any task. Chris has really pioneered himself as an industry leader in VR simulation design and UX leader.


Since joining the team, Chris has made some major contributions to our success including:

  • Simulation and Instructional Design
  • Project Management & Development
  • User Experience Testing and Optimisation
  • Implementation
  • Client & Partner Relationships (with a high customer focus)
  • Customer / Technical support & Demoing
  • Public Relations
  • Events


Client & Partner Relationships

Chris is intensely focused on customer needs and is constantly working directly with clients. He collaborates with our clients to co-create solutions to solve their most pertinent learning and development problems, to best build the future of learning with VR. Chris takes charge of the simulation design, testing, and optimisation focusing on executing the objectives of the learning and development, whilst ensuring the integrity of content and using VR technology to solve the most relevant problems. During this process, Chris will work as their point of contact communicating strategy, timelines, objectives, scripting, while constantly integrating feedback.

Chris has worked with several clients in this way, the most notable of them all being one of Australia’s big 4 banks.

Simulation and Instructional Design

& User Experience Testing

One of the major benefits of having so many skills is that while Chris is communicating with the client, he is also creating the framework of what that customer’s experience will be.

Being able to build and iterate on what the final product should look like, and get direct feedback from the customer is invaluable- and makes sure that from the first to the last step, the client is involved and happy with the end result.

One of the major duties of a prototype developer is to test out ideas, and UX solutions. Chris and his colleague Allison are always coming up with new ways of interacting with the app, building them, and then watching how people respond.


icare remarkable disability disabled virtual reality user different ability diversity and inclusion accessibility remarkable inclusive technology

Project Management & Development

Chris has lead development for some of our largest client work, using our Creators Suite to build the virtual reality training himself.


Chris Moran Equal Reality VR Solutions Architect Virtual Reality Diversity and Inclusion Belonging

Implementation & Events

Technical support, Demoing & Events

The first we ever worked together on was Singularity University, where he helped us demo on the show floor for the entire event.
Later, when we rolled out training with our partner mwah, Chris was crucial in supporting the training of 780 employees!

“I honestly couldn’t recommend the team at ER highly enough…

We gave them an incredibly tight time frame to work to, and what they delivered was stunning. There was comprehensive support training our team up in the use of our own VR equipment as well.

The response from participants has been excellent – with participants in the program able to empathize and discuss the experiences of our scenarios in our workshops with detail that just wouldn’t be possible without actually experiencing it themselves. I don’t think role plays will ever cut it again in this space.”

Chris will be continuing this good work as we expand in the USA market by representing Equal Reality at IITSEC; the largest conference in the USA for military simulation and training, where he will be showcasing the ongoing work that Equal Reality has been doing for the Royal Australian Navy with Acceptable and Unacceptable Behaviour Training in VR, which will be demonstrated at the Innovation Showcase on behalf of Team Defence Australia.

He is also credited with creating the team shirts, leveraging the experience with his startup – The Tie Collective.


King Wood Mallisons Virtual Reality workshop training Diversity and Inclusion AR VR Belonging

Culture Community & PR

Chris has recently stepped up to cultivating many of our Sydney / Australia relationships with Allison Reid, as our team expands into the USA. He has done a phenomenal job communicating the company’s mission, vision and progress through pitches, meetings, newsletters and documentation.
Some of the most notable relationships have been:

  • Australia’s big 4 banks,david hurley virtual reality ar vr training diversity inclusion acceptable behavior bias
  • Domain,
  • Port Macquarie city council,
  • International conglomerates (which are soon to be announced)
  • His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley, AC, DSC, FTSE, governor of NSW and Ex-Chief of Defence of Australia, and his wife Linda Hurley.
  • Professor Admiral Chris Barrie AC,FAICD,FAIM,FARPI,RAN Retired, ex Chief of the Defence Force, chairman of FearLess.


Team-focused, business development, all-rounder, driven, loyal, lifelong learner, avid reader, future-focused, tinkerer.

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