Annie Harper

People of Equal Reality

Annie specializes in creating immersive experiences. With 15 years’ experience in computer graphic art and programming, she joined the initial team at Intel’s Perceptual Computing group, where she studied how technology can interface directly with the body’s senses.  Her work since has targeted how technology can impact the psychology and behavior of individuals and groups.

An artist all her life, Annie taught herself to program the hard stuff while working at the Intel RealSense lab building Brain-Computer Interface prototypes. Before learning engineering, Annie created computer graphic art for the Discovery Channel, Architecture, Military and Negotiation training. In her free time she builds interactive art projects, including Burning Man’s famous “Embrace”. Being a huge believer in social justice, Annie wants to use her skills with machine-to-mind communication to tackle some of society’s tougher challenges.

Burning Man Artist, Hacker, CNC Machining, High-Tech Social-Entrepreneur, MMA Fighter and Dancer. 

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