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Anne-Marie Elias Remarkable Inclusive technology
Anne-Marie Elias has been supporting our founders and team since our last company together, before Equal Reality.

Annie Marie Elise Immersive Hacks Virtual Reality Social impact

Now Lab Director for, her mission objective is to help corporates, philanthropists and organisations work on the stuff that matters and get shit done. she helps leadership teams transform inside out and build their capability to embrace an innovation mindset. Focusing on the disadvantage, homelessness, family and domestic violence, poverty and exclusion of any kind.

With a career spanning 30 years working in strategic roles within Ministerial, Government and NGO’s, leading projects, driving innovation and performance; Annie-Marie delivers a range of services as an advisor and consultant to leaders in the public and private sector.

She love to work with people companies, that align with her values.

– humanity.
– relationships and connections.
– diversity.
– innovation and creativity.

She has had some major influence in the shape of our past and future through her network. Including

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