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Allison Reid is our VR Solutions Architect, and Equal Reality Founding Team.


Allison Reid Presenting at Immersive Hacks infront of Castle Rush Virtual Reality Hackathon

Allison presenting at Immersive Hacks Sydney

Allison spent her early career managing key global accounts at New York City’s FedEx before pivoting to a career in design. She obtained her BA in International Relations from Stanford University; later obtaining her MFA in Fashion Design where she examined the potential impacts emerging technologies could have on the industry’s most destructive systems. Drawn to immersive computing, Allison went on to co-found a VR/AR production company in Sydney, Australia, serving as COO and Lead Producer. Her passion lies in leveraging new technologies to solve long standing human challenges.


Our team first met Allison in 2016, at a Australia’s first virtual reality Hackathon, where she designed an augmented and virtual reality application to allow kids to interact with other children of a different ethnicity, affecting their comfort with other races while their brains are still developing.

Her passion for compassion has been clear since we first met her, and her enthusiasm and experience in virtual reality exploded from there. Allison deep dived into the industry, starting her own virtual, augmented and mixed reality studio and working with some large names including Seagate Technology on mixed reality applications and content. Working closely with our team, she eventually joined us full time in early 2018 to help improve inclusive culture using virtual reality, and improve accessibility of content creation.


icare remarkable Allison reid virtual reality training disability diversity inclusion accessibility

Allison Demoing at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance with our partners Remarkable for iCare

Allison Reid has made a huge impact in the several months she has been on the team including:

  • Client Support & Engagement
  • Virtual Reality Design
  • Production
  • Partnership Management
  • Technical documentation and infrastructure
  • Sales and public relations
  • Graphic design
  • Culture and community

Designing and delivering some of our biggest projects



Allison designed and implemented training with our partners MWAH that was recently rolled out nationwide to all 780 employees of Domain Australia.

The virtual reality training around power and exclusion was a remarkable success!
Here is what Domain has to say about it :

I honestly couldn’t recommend the team at ER highly enough…

We gave them an incredibly tight time frame to work to, and what they delivered was stunning. There was comprehensive support training our team up in the use of our own VR equipment as well.

The response from participants has been excellent – with participants in the program able to empathize and discuss the experiences of our scenarios in our workshops with detail that just wouldn’t be possible without actually experiencing it themselves. I don’t think role plays will ever cut it again in this space.

pmch port macquarie council hastings virtual reality training city council diversity and inclusion twitter


If leading successful design and implementation isn’t impressive enough, Allison can also be found getting her hands dirty in building of virtual reality applications!

A project Allison recently lead with Port Macquarie Hastings Council, she also had a large hand in development of the virtual reality application.

Processes & Systems

Communication & Design

Allison has a keen eye for creating structured methods, documenting and implementing systems; something essential to bringing an air of professionalism in the world of startups. If you are a team member or client speaking with Equal Reality, you’re likely holding her work anytime you look through any documents.

Her work in this space extends both externally, as well as internally to the company, and is designing the processes which are enabling the company to scale.


Culture, Community and PR

Allison has recently stepped up to cultivating many of our Sydney / Australia relationships in part with Chris Moran, as our team expands into the USA. She has done a phenomenal job communicating the company’s mission, vision and progress through pitches, meetings, newsletters and documentation.

Some of the most notable relationships have been:

david hurley virtual reality ar vr training diversity inclusion acceptable behavior bias

Allison Reid, Chris Moran, His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley, AC, DSC, FTSE, governor of NSW and Ex-Chief of Defence of Australia, and his wife Linda Hurley.


Allison Reid is

Ambitious, Design Focused, Research Driven, Native New Yorker, Empowering the Vulnerable.

icare remarkable rick martin allison reid chis moran virtual reality training disability diversity inclusion accessibility

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