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Diversity & Inclusion Training - Done Differently

We use virtual reality and immersive learning to drive empathy, awareness and inclusion in your organization.

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An Effective Way To Change Behaviour

Our VR learning experiences allow you to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” You can learn what it is like to experience discrimination or inappropriate behavior, and identify bias when you see it. You can also practice making decisions in real time, and rehearse challenging conversations (like management performance reviews, breaking bad news, difficult conversations) by experiencing the situation from the perspective of multiple people.

Create Effective Behaviour Change In Your Organization

A Complete DEI Immersive Learning Course

Your organization is a pioneer, leading the charge towards a more inclusive, equitable and empathetic workplace that is accepting of diverse races, genders, abilities and viewpoints. 

We offer a complete, customizable multi-month immersive learning program. Our program utilizes cutting-edge VR technology, scalable online learning materials, LMS integration & data collection to create effective long-term behaviour change. 

Bring Your Training Scenario To Life

Custom-Made VR Training Experiences

We can build custom choose-your-own-adventure style virtual reality applications, where the user experiences a scenario and can make choices on how to respond. We can also build surrounding learning and development programs.

Our custom experiences allow your employees to practice difficult conversations, experience unconscious bias, and develop empathy for others in the workplace. 

Our applications can also provide data and feedback on the decisions the user made during the training experience, and how they can improve their choices.

Scalable. Engaging. A 'wow' experience.

We Get Results

Our D&I training doesn’t just tick a box. Our immersive learning experiences are 100% focused on creating effective behaviour change. With this focus we can build a happier, more inclusive workplace and society together.

99% of users understood what discrimination felt like
Empathy 99%
96% of users felt prepared to act in the workplace
Action 96%
780 people trained with 2 headsets
Net Promoter Score of 91
NPS 91%

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Equal Reality Offers Diversity, Equity and Inclusion L&D Solutions In Virtual Reality (VR).

What Can We Do For You?

Start A Conversation About DEI

Our Workshop-In-A-Box package contains everything you need to run an immersive learning VR workshop on unconscious bias.

Create Effective Long-Term Behaviour Change

Our comprehensive multi-month immersive learning program can effectively increase inclusion, empathy and diversity in the workplace.

Build A Custom VR App Training Package

We can partner with your organization to co-design a VR-blended learning experience. We can also offer in-person training & support.

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